Youth Soccer Leagues

CFC Park offers indoor and outdoor youth soccer leagues are well-organized and fun for kids of all ages. Teams are organized by gender, age and skill level – offering a high-quality soccer experience for both recreational and competitive players. The fast-paced games increase touches on the ball and goal scoring opportunities. Refs focus on fun, growth, and sportsmanship while protecting and educating players.

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  • Boys High School Summer League
  • Girls High School Summer League
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2024 CFC Park Youth League Details

  • In order to reserve your team’s spot in a league, an online registration form and a $100 non-refundable deposit is required at registration.
  • The entire remaining balance is due 1 month prior to the first game or your team will not be included in the full season schedule.
  • We ask that team managers or coaches make a single payment when paying off balanced amounts. (Please no checks from individual players.)  Payments can also be made securely through our website for your convenience.
  • Without full payment, teams can be dropped from the schedule and will not be refunded their deposit.
  • The CFC Park does reserve the right to suspend or terminate future games for lack of payment.  All past due amounts are required to be paid.  In the event that you fail to pay the invoices, a collection agency may be assigned to recover the past due balances.
  • Please note, youth games have a max goal cap of 6.  Once a goal difference of 6 has been met, the winning team must play a man down.  Every 2 more goals after that, another player is to be removed.  Once the GD is back to 6, all players can return to play.
  • All captains/managers are required to have each player on their team sign the CFC Park waiver.
  • Nobody can step onto the field without signing the waiver.
  • All waivers will be kept on file in the CFC Park office.  If you need to add a player, please have them check in with the office to sign your team’s waiver before they play.
  • If a player is under the age of 18, the legal parent/guardian must sign the waiver.  Download the waiver HERE

By using the link that was emailed to the captain at the time of registration, the captain can add the player’s name to their online roster.  This enables the players to sign the waiver electronically and make a payment if necessary.  No paper copy is needed if all players have registered online.  There is no maximum amount of players you can put onto the roster.

The CFC Park is a sanctioned facility by the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (CJSA). All Connecticut residents 17 and under are required to pay a $3 insurance fee once a year at each sanctioned facility. For your convenience, the CJSA insurance fee is included in the league fee.  You do not have to collect any additional money.   There is no limit to the roster size for the team.